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PE and Sport

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You are expected to bring and wear your PE gear whenever you have a PE lesson. You are required a sunhat for PE lesson in Term 1 and 4. You are permitted to wear you MHJC Sport hoodie as part of your PE uniform only.

If you cannot participate because you are unwell or injured, or have some other reason for not participating you should bring a note from home.


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Photocopiers are available in each whanau. Your photocopying is monitored by your individual ID card and you will have a print credit loaded against this card. You need a functioning ID card. These can be purchased from reception for $5. When the printing/photocopying credit has been used up, you will need to top up at Reception.

There are many occasions when printing and copying is necessary, but we encourage you to ‘think digital’ and use the scanning mode to collect and store digital data in to your folders. Scanning is free!