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Mission Heights Junior College
Students' Handbook

Our motto is “Growing greatness/Kia mana ake!”

Our vision is to grow greatness through innovative, constantly evolving, personalised learning.

We value:

Integrity - pono or how we manage ourselves. We are confident, honest, reliable, resilient, trustworthy, determined individuals.

Compassion - awhinatanga or how we relate to others. We are kind, caring, mindful, supportive, respectful, positive contributors.

Empowering learners - whakamana or a love for learning and understanding of how we learn best. We are collaborative, independent, curious, creative, innovative, reflective, critical thinkers.

Mission - To build a culture:

of inclusion where our differences are celebrated;

of collaboration where we support and share;

of community where we work together to make a difference.


We believe that learning is a journey, and that school, as a place of learning should encourage and inspire students to discover themselves, learn what forces shape the world around them and how they can find their purpose in life.

  1. Self-discovery - to support and guide our students to look within (microscope) and discover their authentic selves, passion and purpose;

  2. Exploration - to seek beyond self (telescope) on how to become active and positive contributors to their local and wider global community;

  3. Authentic - to provide curriculum set in integrated contexts developed through co-construction and collaboration;

  4. Self-efficacy - to articulate and share a common language of learning (Great Ako) so students will be active participants in the learning process (co-construction), know how to learn, how to assess their progress and identify what support they need;

  5. Optimistic worldview - to share a positive vision of a future filled with challenges and opportunity;

  6. Global citizens - to understand the challenges the world faces including environmental sustainability, climate and digital disruption;

  7. Cultural inclusion - to embrace and celebrate our multi-cultural community, and be mindful of our obligations in terms of the Treaty of Waitangi and as citizens of New Zealand/Aotearoa and

  8. Fulfilment - to learn to appreciate and celebrate beauty, nature, justice, truth and life’s possibilities

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PE and Sport

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You are expected to bring and wear your PE gear whenever you have a PE lesson. You are required a sunhat for PE lesson in Term 1 and 4. You are permitted to wear you MHJC Sport hoodie as part of your PE uniform only.

If you cannot participate because you are unwell or injured, or have some other reason for not participating you should bring a note from home.


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Photocopiers are available in each whanau. Your photocopying is monitored by your individual ID card and you will have a print credit loaded against this card. You need a functioning ID card. These can be purchased from reception for $5. When the printing/photocopying credit has been used up, you will need to top up at Reception.

There are many occasions when printing and copying is necessary, but we encourage you to ‘think digital’ and use the scanning mode to collect and store digital data in to your folders. Scanning is free!