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Any homework should be an extension of your learning and should be relevant to it. You may be further exploring issues you are working on, participating in online discussions, or further developing current projects and tasks. All students should regularly increase their reading mileage by reading a book from the library as well as making use of Mathsbuddy and Reading Plus/Lexia Power Up. Completing Reading Plus and Mathbuddy is a weekly homework expectation. You may also get homework on Education Perfect

Most students will need to complete some homework to deliver their best work and to reinforce learning. Year 9 and 10 students in particular should regularly expect to have to complete work at home each night. 

A guide......
Yr 7 - average 30-45mins
Yr 8 - average 1 hour
Yr 9 - average 1.5 hours
Yr 10 - average 2 hours

Homework club is run after school weekly on a Monday from 3-4pm in Term 1 in Lower Coast Whanau and all students are welcome.

Term 2 After School Homework club will be hosted by Mountains Whanau, Mondays from 3-4pm Lower central whanau. 

Term 3 After School Homework club will be hosted by Water Whanau on Thursdays from 3-4pm in W5. 

A reminder we have H/W club every Wednesday from 3.15pm-4.30pm. 

This  will now  be held  in Coast Whānau (C2) for the rest of the year. 

How to Guides

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The MHJCwiki is the Mission Heights Junior College knowledge base and the main ICT blog. This is the placed to go to find instructions and how to guides. 

The link to the wiki can be under the Quicklinks Menu on MHOL or in the MHJC bookmarks folder on your tool bar.