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E Updates and eMail; Keeping Informed

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You should check the eUpdates either in your whanau or on MHOnline every day. You should also check your emails. If you do not you will miss some exciting opportunities or you may miss important information.

eBadge - 4 Cornerstone

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Students participation across the 4 cornerstones are recognised through the awarding of eBadges on MHOL. In the award of a badge, it is usual for students to have contributed their own time, or for the activities involved to have occurred in addition to their school work. Students and Learning Advisors will track their 4 cornerstone participation through the eBadges awarded on MHOL. 

Below is guidance on how students and Learning Advisors can follow up if they think an eBadge is missing.

Emergency Evacuation Map

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The MHJC ePassport is a progressive set of activities and tasks designed to help students use the internet safely and competently. There are four areas of focus for the ePassport: cyber safety, digital organisation, digital capability, and digital citizenship / digital footprints. Each year the activities / requirements for each focus increase in complexity. Students start working on the Bronze level and should strive for Platinum level by the end of Year 10. Students will receive an e-Badge each time they successfully complete all the activities at Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels.