Champions Award Criteria

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Detailed clarification of 4 Cornerstone Champion recognition criteria

Students participation across the 4 cornerstones are recognised through the awarding of eBadges on MHOL. In the award of a badge, it is usual for students to have contributed their own time, or for the activities involved to have occurred in addition to their school work.  Enrollment in and completion external tests (eg. ICAS, Big Science, Otago Problem Solving, etc) also qualifies students for an academic participation eBadge.

Each term we recognise students who have achieved at the highest level for their age group in our Celebration Assemblies, where we present Champions Awards. These recognise those students who have, for example, won a whole school event or placed in the top 3 in local regional or national competitions in sport, academic or cultural activities (4 cornerstones). We also recognise students who have achieved at a high level internationally. Students who have achieved Distinction or High Distinction in more than one competition are also recognised as champions. 

At Prize giving we recognise students whose participation has been the most significant across all 4 cornerstones. We also have our 4 Cornerstone Elite Awards which recognise those students who have met the criteria to be recognised as a MHJC Champion.

We also recognise our elite leaders, our Executive Student Council and exceptional leadership within the other cornerstones.

Clarification of Academic Cornerstone Champion Award requirements:

Education Perfect (EP) - General
- 500 points to gain a participation e-badge
- In 2019 x3 Elites will be a Champions 

EP Language Competitions (Exception)
- Placing in the top 3 nationally of the larger languages (Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Māori, Spanish)
- First or second nationally in the mid-tier ones (Arabic, Latin) 
- First nationally in one of the smaller ones (Greek, Hebrew, Malay, Samoan, Korean, Russian) would be considered as one of the achievements needed to work towards the academic cornerstone.
- Any languages not mentioned - the content available is insufficient to produce an achievement worthy of being counted towards a cornerstone. 

Other Academic Competitions
High Distinction is an automatic Champions Award
Otago Problem Solving - Excellence qualifies as a Champions Award
From 2019 x2 Distinctions will be a Champions

Please note:
From 2019 EP awards and Distinctions cannot be combined. When students have not met the criteria of having 3 Elites for Education Perfect or 2 Distinctions for other categories to achieve a Champion's Award within the term,  their acknowledgement will be carried over to the next term's Champions Assembly when the criteria is met.

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